The idea of “change” and “higher ed” are not often synonymous; however, institutions throughout the world are facing an unprecedented era of disruption where innovating is not only an option, it’s a requirement.

To navigate this era of disruption, institutions must rethink their approach to data, people, and processes.

With Analytic Process Automation (APA), you can automate processes, enhance analysis, embed intelligent decisioning, and empower your institution to deliver actionable insights that improve your admission marketing yield, accelerate student retention, optimize net tuition revenue, and scale your mandatory reporting processes. The following institutions show you how.

According to a report

A little over a year ago, we wrote an article that detailed the day in the life of an analyst before self-service analytics. It was one full of challenges where the analyst spent 44% of their time on unsuccessful data activities and 80% of their day preparing data for analysis and reports.

But you already know that.

What you want to know is, what’s life like for the analyst with the self-service analytics platform?

Well, here it is.

7:12 A.M.

It’s Friday, and you’re an analyst for a company that manufactures and markets products. As you’re about to head out…

Grow Your Own

There are very few individuals like this who can address all the data and analytic challenges faced by public sector agencies.

What public sector agencies can do is look to develop their existing workforce by empowering your teams with an analytic platform that democratizes access to data, automates processes, and enables them to upscale their skills. This upskilling enables data workers to better leverage their creativity and embrace their passion for solving problems with insight.

With the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation™ (APA) Platform, human ingenuity is front and center. When humans and machines work together as a means of amplifying…

On August 26, 2020, Alteryx hosted its first ever Twitter chat featuring Alteryx ACEs. Using #alteryxchat, we posed six questions to the ACEs to get their insights into everything from digital transformation to their feelings on data democracy. Here, we’ve included three of the questions so you can follow along. You can also check out the other three in this blog post on Community or join us on Twitter (@alteryx) to share your opinion.

Jason Mack: Biggest challenge is the organization’s willingness to re-think processes and revisit assumptions.

Mark Frisch: Yes @dataMack! I’ll drink to that. …

Self-service analytics, like Alteryx, include drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to deploy geospatial analysis, natural language processing, and predictive analytics into repeatable workflows. This gives your data science teams more time to focus on building and deploying AI and ML models and to address any risks across the lifecycle of these models.

Incorporate Human Judgment and Accountability

One key principle in the responsible AI framework is the concept of keeping humans in the loop, incorporating human judgment and accountability, and informing decisions appropriately. Since the deployment of AI, there has been a significant delineation between “black-box” and “clear-box” AI. While AI and ML can be trained…

There is an often quoted statistic in the world of data that analysts and data scientists spend about 80% of their time collecting, cleaning, and organizing data, all tasks that fit into the category of data preparation. If you’re not familiar with the work that goes into prepping data for analysis or you’re curious how to reduce the amount of time you’re spending on it, check out this page for starters.

Today, we’re going to talk about the undeniable importance of data preparation, as well as some things to consider during the process. A general principle to keep in mind…

Data and analytics skills are becoming increasingly more crucial for accounting and finance professionals. These skills are in high demand across the industry — and by becoming data-fluent now, you can open up bigger career opportunities for yourself and perform your current job more effectively.

But it’s not like you can just spend a summer at Camp Data and learn everything you need in a few months — while sharing spooky campfire tales about the spreadsheet with the hook for a hand.

Side note: It’s not quite summer camp, but if you’re a new graduate or recently lost your job…

At forward-thinking companies around the globe, data science and analytics are upending the old way of doing things. Businesses are marketing, buying, selling, and improving operations in ways that simply weren’t possible a few years ago. Advanced insights have never been more accessible — even to those without a formal data science background.

Explore how four companies in a variety of fields — from U.S. broadcasting to commercial real estate — are using advanced analytics to get an edge on the competition.


Well-known research from Bain & Company shows that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits…

This article describes a use case related to employee well-being and issues related to national security posed by insider threats. For those who work in sensitive areas of government (such as the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community), there is always a delicate balance between security, ethics, and privacy. Each agency should have a well-defined data governance and ethical use strategy that protects both the employee and the ability of the agency to fulfill its mission objectives.

What is not readily apparent is the amount of stress that jobs dealing with national security issues can generate. In 2018…


We’ve been trying to track down Spreadsheets for a long time.

It took a good deal of cajoling, but we eventually convinced Spreadsheets to agree to an interview. (We won’t go into the entire sordid tale, but it involved a lot of complex formulas, and a lengthy conversation with an animated paper clip.) What follows is the complete, unedited transcript of that conversation.


AYX: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Spreadsheets. We think it will mean a lot to our readers. …

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